The Throbbing Scar....

We continue to make slow and steady progress. Today Javad moved his arms, moved his head, and rocked his leg back and forth. These are small indicators that he is inside his body that is sleeping. It must be so frustrating to even have less control over your body that you are used to. So unfair for this boy who already has to do so much.

Tomorrow he will have an EEG and then we meet with the doctors. I have already said that we want to bring him home, and his small gestures reminds me why we are fighting for him.

Tonight my stress has hit the wall...i have a horrible headache and will write more tomorrow. For tonight we will sleep and tomorrow more will come...we continue on this journey, but tonight I am catering to my throbbing scar.


  1. Please take care of yourself so you can be fully present for your boy. It is a very hard thing to do in your situation. I am pulling for you and sending love and healing energy your way.

  2. I too wish the best for you and your boy. Take care.


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