New Attitude...

Today I had an epiphany...while Javad was sleeping (and I was worrying about why he wasn't waking up, wasn't responding, wasn't making eye contact and the like) I realized that this is what he does when he's sick...he sleeps. When he was younger and in the hospital, he would shut down and draw into's the way he heals.

So I decided to get a new attitude...a fresh perspective. I know the doctors want him to wake up, want him to start responding, but I have decided that I need to let it go although not in the Elsa from Frozen kind of way.  This is my son, the boy who sleeps, the boy who watches Baby Einstein when he's not feeling well, this is the boy I know, not any other boy.

So...I've decided to take a different perspective...a new attitude. I am going to quit stressing out about my boy and just project the positive toward him. Tomorrow they will do another EEG to make sure that his seizures are being controlled. This is key right now to focus on the good. He is on two new medications to control the seizures and both of them make him sleepy. Surprisingly...he's sleeping! :)

So, today is the day of a new attitude. Today is the day to let things go. I am allowing those around us to surround our family with a blanket of love...I am allowing Javad to heal, let his mind rest, let his body heal.

I am remembering how things go in light of illness. It's time to just let it go...


  1. What a wonderful, peaceful feeling to come to realizations like this. I am so pleased for you that this has happened. Sending much love and healing energy to all of you.

  2. As he sleeps he goes stronger, and you do too. Love ya.


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