Thankfulness: My students


Day 4: Sometimes being a teacher gets a bad rap...let's face it, the American public thinks that we aren't doing enough, that the students are lazy, that the rigorous education of the past is gone, that we are raising children who are screen-induced zombies...

I am not going to lie...the education system has some issues, but this is not the time or place to get on my soap box about how we are over testing and underestimating our youth. Yes, they are different than children were twenty years ago, but they are still children who, overall, desire to learn.

Over the last thirteen years, I have witnessed some incredible kindness in my students. Each year I tell them about the littlest and let them know that I sometimes am called away due to health issues. They ask about him...students who have been mine years in the past keep up on him, celebrating success. It is heart warming beyond belief.

This past week I was in an students worried. Yesterday, upon my return I got jubilant hugs and many telling me that they had missed me.

My life can be crazy...sometimes it is hard to fill full, but this year I am experiencing something I haven't had in many years...the cup overflowing. I have students that I have watched grow up...some from the seventh grade who are now seniors...I am lucky on so many levels...for today, I am most thankful for those who warm my heart and fill my cup students. <3

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