Patience and breathing....sigh

Today was one of those days. It doesn't matter what your was one of those where everything is irritating. By the end of the day, a ball of aggravation and anxiousness was inside. I felt like I was having a panic attack.

My students had gotten under my skin...

Argh...I hate when that happens!

I was feeling pretty good when the day started...I was wearing my newly purchased Flash Gordon socks for Homecoming "Crazy Sock Day..." I had arrived (almost) on time, had coffee, made my copies and was on my way. Upon arrival to my classroom, I found students already inside (ugh!), I had a student get huge attitude because I asked him to get his work out (tragedy), then had to explain to said student that the attitude was not really required.

The next classes made the day seem like it was going in the right direction...the students were polite...we got work done...we did a warm-up on how many candy corn would fit in a jar...all seemed good! Then my freshman came...inappropriate comments, blatant disregard for others. Really...I am sorry that my instruction is getting in the way of your conversation. Tomorrow may be time for a seating chart.

I really do love my students and my job, but on days like today I need to remember why I do this because I just wanted to bash my head on the lockers outside my room for most of the day....

Ahhhh...Homecoming...fall love...the honeymoon is over.

I know there is much to learn...much to reflect over...much to breathe about. It is time for the work to begin!


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