Projecting forward...

One of my most recent mantras is to practice kindness and gratitude. The idea that each day should be approached with these two gives an entirely different meaning to every moment. Being grateful and acknowledging it brings a smile to not only others but also makes my heart sing.

As students begin to attend, I want to continue this practice while also acknowledging and encouraging each of them to do the same.

Assuming the best in others and treating them accordingly often causes people to rise to expectations. I have started on a personal healing journey this summer, trying to heal some of the wounds from the past few years. Healing is a process that has had me re-examine who I bring on a personal level, professional level, and emotional level. I want to find myself...I have been lost. The person I have been showing recently can be likened to an injured animal in the corner unable to function, unable to put a person forward that I could be proud of.

I am committed to re-discovering the person inside that I want to bring forth, the person who is enthusiastic about their job, who sees their mission as one to teach, encourage, coach, support. I want my students to feel supported, cared for, challenged, and encouraged. I want to push them beyond the edge of their comfort zone, engage them in productive struggle, challenge their beliefs about themselves in a positive way and celebrate their successes.

Treating students as the people who I believe they could be and should be will give them a different lens in which they can view themselves. This lens will be one of success and positivity, one that shines a light on what they can achieve rather than what they haven't achieved. This is the lens I must view everyone through, including myself. Giving permission for people to be human, make mistakes, have feelings, struggle, find joy, find their spark, and open their hearts is crucial. Growth occurs when we allow ourselves to struggle but not live in the space of struggle. It is being able to draw the line when necessary and seek help when needed.

This is a new that I am nervous and excited about. This is a year where turnarounds are made and lives are changed...First and foremost I am hoping that one of those lives is mine and that my life will be filled with gratitude and positivity...I have learned a valuable lesson...I am worth it and I will do whatever it takes to show my students that they are worth it too.

This year has so much potential. I am looking forward to it on so many levels...the chance to reconnect with students, the opportunity to reconnect with myself. Finding my love of teaching again is crucial to moving forward...


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