One step forward...

I have finally gotten all of my things out of my classroom at my old school and it has been moved to my new building. To quote my custodian, "Your crap is here!"

I am having mixed feelings...this is the closure of one chapter of my life and the turn of the page into a new chapter. It is both scary and exhilarating.  I found out that I have a room with a window (awesome) and I don't have to share (cool). I am teaching a variety of classes, from freshman to is all off to a good start.

It is still strange...the people that have been "my people" will be at my old school...I will need to find new people. In a staff three times the size as my old school, I will be looking for those I can trust, those who share the same goals.

The summer is rapidly coming to a head is swirling with things to do, people to see. I have templates to make, things to send, organization to be had. There is a whirlwind of things to be done...all of this while trying to get settled,

Trying to start fresh...put some of the hurt and anger behind's a new day and a new time...

I'm ready!


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