Fanning the Flames...

I have already begun having back to school dreams. This is a little scary considering my room is nowhere ready for student occupants. It is a giant disaster, filled with boxes which are filled with stuff.

This is a room that I want to be a place of inspiration, a place where students find their way.

I am taking this year especially seriously...I have left behind my friends and students I love to help create something positive. I am excited and terrified.

The last few years I have done these things with my partner in crime. Working with her strengthened me and my teaching. It is a strange thing to have one person impact my teaching practices and attitude at the level it has. It will be strange not to see her in the halls, after school, with the kids. She is the one who has helped me open my my love. She is the one who was there during the depth...throwing a rope with the promise of being at the other end. I am taking the fire baton that she has passed and creating something for our students as they move forward.

I will be fanning the flames...the flames of my passion, the flames of others. I will be taking my fire with the hopes of setting others aflame. One day, one step, one moment at a time, I want to fan the flames of knowledge, support and expectations. I want the fire of excitement to spread, the flames to lick at the doors wanting in...knowledge passed on, on student at a time.


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