Having a little C to J...

Sometimes as a teacher you have to have "the talk" with your students. By "the talk" I don't mean the "birds and the bees" talk, I am talking about the "Come to Jesus" kind of talk. I'm sure you know the one...the one where you explain to them how this is their chance, their opportunity, they are the creators of their own destiny.

As I have said before, the students I teach are primarily low income. The program I am teaching this summer is targeted at students who are academically at risk or had issues with attendance. They are students needing a boost, a bridge from Middle School to High School.

Today's conversation was direct and truthful. In some ways, it pained me to tell them that they were already behind other students who have had more opportunities, more exposure to enrichment activities, just more in general. Explaining that they are the ones who make their decisions for their future, they are the ones creating this path, they are the ones in charge of their future.

It is a difficult idea to wrap their heads around. Many have experienced so little success that the idea that success could be ahead is almost unfathomable.

I am known for having a chat with them as a group...a C to J, per say. Sometimes I wonder if I am tying to convince myself or them. I know that it is possible...I am a living example that it is possible, which makes it even more frustrating for me...

I want them to choose their own success...I want them to choose themselves...but most of all....I just want them to choose.


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