Being Invisible...

Sometimes I think about those that we interact do we treat them? How do they treat us? Are we in the same room with some and make them feel as if they are invisible?

Being invisible is a strange know that you are there and are floating about unseen.

I think about high school (or middle school, or whatever school) and there are people all around. Some are visible for all to see, everyone knows their name, their face, their presence. There are others that weave in and out through the crowd, invisible...some by choice, some by chance.

I think about my own high school experience, which overall was a great experience, but going to a reunion reveals so much. There are so many that I don't know, faces I don't recognize, names unheard...I wonder, what I really there? Did I treat people poorly? Did I make them feel invisible? I hope not...that would never be my intent...maybe I'm clueless, have a poor memory, have the ability to compartmentalize to such an extreme that I actually can't remember. It makes me sad and frustrated at time. Where was I? Why don't I remember?

Invisible people...feeling invisible can be lonely or empowering. Having the freedom to do as one wishes, meandering through life, weaving through the world unseen is like having the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter...sometimes watching from the outside, where you feel you should be seen can be lonely.

It's really a note to aware, look to the edges, see who is there. Find those that are invisible, welcome them in. You may not know what they have to offer, they might not even know what they bring to the table. Invisibility can become comfortable, a waste of talents, a loss of sorts.

It is time to change invisible to visible. It is time to see...


  1. So true. I've been invisible in the stores lately...which is fine unless I'm wanting customer service. = )
    Every month I do an exit card that asks kids to write the names of three people they want to have at their table group. I line plot the answers and see who has no "x." I then make it my mission to check in with those ones, encourage others to include them, and give them attention/special jobs from teacher. My goal is that everyone's name shows up on an exit card. Everyone included, wanted, befriended. Because I myself have felt invisible in a room full of people and that is 100x worse than just being alone. Change invisible to visible, that's the motto!


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