Too exhausted to write #notonemore

I teach in the Reynolds School District. We are now nationally known as the "Oregon high school where there was a shooting." 

I teach at one of the middle schools. Today was my last Tuesday at middle school because I am moving to the high school...the same one whet there as a shooting. 

There were so many parts of today that my head is still swimming. I am actually writing this on my phone. I'm too tired to lean over and turn my computer back on to blog. My body is made of lead. 

We hoped 11, 12, 13, and 14 year olds stay calm when they were worried about their siblings at the HS. We taugh the lesson that social media is not the best to get your news but rather a place to possibly start but not believe until confirmed by tha authorities. We talked about safety and why decisions were beng made while quelling the concern as to whether someone could make it to our school, a hundred blocks away, before we knew about it. 

We talked about responsibility, we carried on as usual...sometimes a hug was required. 

I heard of bravery and leadership of students at the high school even when things were scary, kids reminding kids that they were safe and they had practiced just for situations like this. 

I'm not going to lie...yesterday I was mourning leaving and, although still sad, I know I will be a dedicated Rqider. I am there for the kids and the kids were there for each other. There will be emotional healng for everyone but I know it will happen. We will band together. How do I know??

It's what we do. Let's stop this trend. #notonemore


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