Today is the day...

Today is the day...the beginning...the start. Today is the day where we begin... Today is the day to remember how awesome you are. I read amazing article about Admiral William H McRaven's Commencement Speech that all should read and consider...lessons learned from Navy Seal training.

There are seven more days left of school. Seven days before the next chapter of my teaching career. I am moving back to the high school. I am going to work with ninth graders, hopefully change their trajectory, move them forward, show them that they can do it.

Every day can be "their day." Each morning when they wake up, they can start again. They just need to do three things: Wake Up, Be Awesome, and Go to Bed. Easy...anyone can do it!

My new classroom will be filled with quotes, filled with encouragement, filled with awesome. I want students to come in each day and see that they can do it, I believe in them, the future is open for their success.

We will be a team...Team Awesome. We will read Admiral McRaven's ten things...we will live them. We will wake up in the morning and make our bed....accomplish one task that will lead to another. We will find someone to help us paddle...we know we are not alone and need help. We will measure others by the size of their heart. We will recognize that we will never be perfect...there are times we might end up as a "sugar cookie." We will stand up and not fear the circus, knowing that experiencing them makes us stronger. We will approach every obstacle head on. There are times when the sharks may come, hoping to defeat us, but we will not back down.  Sometimes things will be dark and we will be our best, at the darkest moments. Sometimes, when there seems to be no solution, when things seem too hard, like we want to quit...we will sing, at the top of our lungs and encourage others to join. As a group, we will make it through the mud together. Finally, even when things seems impossible, when the pain is too much, when it is too hard, we will NOT ring the bell. Quitting is not an option.

We will stand together, knowing that each day is the day...a new one, one where you can put on the jacket of yesterday or grab a fresh one from the closet. Creating a life can be hard work...that is why today is so important. It is the day, the new day, the day of fresh beginnings, the day to be awesome. This is excuses.

We only have three things we have to do...
1) Wake Up
2) Be Awesome
3) Go to Bed

We can do that...I know's three small things, surrounded by ten incredible words of wisdom, surrounded by love and support. Today is it...Make it Awesome!


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