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Tonight my husband and I went to a "Longest Day of the Year" party. It was both a celebration of the Summer Solstice as well as a celebration of a wedding, my friend's. Their wedding was low-key, family at the courthouse, a ten minute ceremony, with a celebration, not a reception, today. My friend is a woman I work with, one of my favorite people. She is mellow, sarcastic, pragmatic, a straight shooter. These are all things I enjoy about her...she is essentially drama free. There are not many people that one meets that fit this criteria. I am indeed a lucky person to know her.

I am not good at keeping friends. I actually have a hard time making deep connections. I think that I am a good friend, but I never learned how to maintain friendships when changes occur. So, I am moving to another school, away from my friends. For the first time in my life, I am concerned about my personality flaw. I have good friends, good people that are in my life that I want to keep. I don't know how to do that. This will be the summer of trying to figure this out...for the first time it is really important...I have a small, but important mission and I will continue to work to meet it...


  1. Visiting from ICLW. I wrote a post recently about quitting facebook, and honestly I think the level of superficial connection we have become accustomed to in this culture is part of what you may be talking about! It is difficult in this time of social media and the ability to carefully cultivate appearances to make those deep, lasting connections. But when there is a will, there is a way! You recognize a problem, you can find a way to fix it. Best of luck at keeping in touch while you move through this transition!

  2. Being a great friend is hard work! It is probably much easier to be wrapped up in your own life for the time being. But if you choose the right friends, the pay off is well worth it. Happy summer Shannon!

    - Megan

  3. Noticing a habit that you want to change is definitely the first step, and sometimes one of the hardest ones! Maybe put something on your calendar for your friends; like choose a random day here and there to call them or send a tiny care package or something. I have a friend who moved across the country and I feel so disconnected, but chatting with her often online as well as sending packages and things to her has definitely helped.


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