The Crisis of Success...

I am teaching summer school for incoming Freshman and after Day 2, I can see that many of them are having a Crisis of Success. I look into their eyes, some of them averted, others almost desperate, and finally the last group, hopeful. For many of these students there is a cycle going on...they try to be success, they fail, they give up, then they get hope from someone and the cycle starts again.

My goal is to help them believe that they can do school, give them skills, and send them along their way. During the year there will be mentoring, continued skill building, and yet, there will still be a Crisis of Success. Each time something goes well, the following will usually be bad. I encourage, then things move forward and so on...this cyclical cycle can move on and on.

This is where we are...ready for a major breakthrough...ready for the next step...ready to show ourselves our most open minded self!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Kids these days are so use to the instant life that when they really get into the real world, they often don't realize that things will take time and that the road isn't always pretty. There will be mistakes and struggles but it won't be the end. That's one thing that I hope to instill in my son.


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