Moving Day...

I need to pack my classroom...I admit, though, I am in the avoidance phase right now. I began right after school ended, but since the start of summer school, I haven't even been to my old school. In some ways it feels like ripping off a band-aid that I have been protecting for years. This has been my home, the place where my heart is, the place where I do good work.

In many ways I feel like I am floating about...somewhere in the middle. I am straddling two worlds, my middle school home and my high school future.

So many think that I am finally "moving up"...I have never felt that I was "down." I came from high school, I know what I am getting into. Teaching ninth grade is not necessarily a giant leap from eighth...same kids...three months older.

Moving to the ninth grade has been intentional. There is a problem. Almost fifty percent of them are not making it to their senior year. They are dropping out in droves, giving up on their ability to be successful. So many of them are shell shocked, overwhelmed by the number of students and the lack of connections with their teachers.

To be honest...I hate moving. Worse is that I am not sure where my new home will be. I have no classroom yet...I am taking the House of Mashinchi apart only to be rebuilt at the high school. I admit that I am nervous...I am not sure what to expect.

Moving means to start over, to confront the unknown. I want to create a new space...a space of comfort, a space where high expectations are held, a place where deep learning can be had. I want to build a new home for my students...somewhere they feel safe. Safe to question, safe to try, safe to learn.

It is a big task..moving, for I am not only moving my things, but I am moving my heart as well. I am leaving many that I love...relationships built over seven years. It has been a time of growing, changing, preparing...possibly preparing for this.

I am excited for the future, but sad to leave my past. If only the packing fairies would go to my classroom and pack it for me....that would be great because as I said...

I hate moving...


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