Patience is a virtue...

The end of this year has been difficult...well, realistically, my first period class has been difficult all year, they are just becoming increasingly so. The end of the year for students that struggle might as well be their time to fly big, make their name the final fish in their little pond. I can't say that I have been the most patient...I mostly want to throttle them.

Sometimes teaching is a much bigger job than actually is coaching, instructing,'s not always about the content. It seems, more than often, I am coaching behavior, encouraging brave academic risk-taking, instructing about volume and tone, defining success and the route to get there.

Sometimes I feel frustrated...I am frustrated that I can't get through to some...frustrated that I can't convince others of their value and worth...

This year my frustrations seem bigger...maybe this is because I know that I, too, am moving. I am leaving the familiarity of my home and moving to somewhere new. My students don't understand that that is as stressful as their moving forward is for them.

Patience is a for me and one for my students...I am working to be patient, understanding that what I bring to the classroom is reflected to my students...I want to master myself and my tongue...reflecting back peace and love. I will continue to breathe...saying my mantra...patience my friend...patience.


  1. Shannon, you've nailed what teaching is all about. It is the hardest job, but it also comes with the most rewards. Every morning that I was a teacher I prayed for patience and to reflect peace and love. It wasn't easy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


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