One girl and the Quadratic Equation...

When my daughter was eleven, she walked into the kitchen to share something, "Mom," she said. "When I am feeling overwhelmed, I just take parts of my life and assign each a number value, then I put them into the Quadratic Equation. I use my answer to tell me what to do."

I remember standing there, thinking, "I wonder where that came from...I can't believe she just said that...what does the answer tell her?"

As I think about my life and the complexities of decisions that need to be made, wouldn't it be nice to just be able to look at the numbers, plug them to an equation, and viola`, the answer is revealed to you??

This has been a year of opening up, listening to the Universe, being open for anything. Looking at opening doors as possibilities, open windows as gift. Looking around at the things that around, believing that what is meant to be will be.

Being open to that possibility is more difficult that one might think. The tapes we play in our heads are hard ones to fight. "You are not good enough," "No one wants you," "You have nothing to offer." Learning to shut one's brain off, ignore the comments, and move toward a place where there are wide open possibilities. The belief that the self- talk is false, that there is something to be had, takes effort and strength of spirit.

So here I am...with fortitude and hope, throwing the curtains aside and seeing what time brings. Sometimes I wish  that is was as easy as my girl and her Quadratic...choose the numbers, plug it in...BAM, we are done! Life simplified...seems like a solution that everyone could get behind...


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