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Showing up...

Today I read a blog post by the Brave Girls Club founder, Melody. It was a heartfelt message and one that resonated deeply within me. Showing up is often times the most difficult part. These days showing up seems to be the challenge. I have lost my spark...sure...I pretend, but on the inside I feel nothing.

Work has become a place where I go...not the place that I love. Watching my home be torn apart brick by brick is disheartening. Looking under the bricks to find the silver lining is becoming more difficult.

I once wrote about otters holding together when the seas are rough. Right now, the sea is very rough and I feel like I am grasping frantically to see if my raft of otters is still there. We are all clawing...the raft has been broken apart, the strength of it weakened over time.

 I continue to show up...with a smile...reaching my hands out...grabbing whoever I can...whoever is there. I am trying to protect myself from the rocks, from the waves that threaten us.

When the day is ha…