Where the Wild Things are...

Today I am Max...If you've never read Where the Wild Things are than now would be the time to read it. It was the book of my childhood...the book that described so much about my life. Max wants his way...he is mad...he goes to his room (without dinner) and goes on his fateful trip to the island where the Wild Things live.

Max becomes their king, teaches them to roar their terrible roar, gnash their terrible teeth. Each of the Wild Things seem to represent part of Max's personality...his emotions running through his body. He is angry...with his mother, with his world. Through his trip to the place where the Wild Things are, he let's the "wild rumpus begin."

Soon Max discovers that he doesn't want to be separated from those that he loves...he wants to heal...he doesn't want to be angry any longer. Max wants his world to become one.

I am Max...I am angry...I have gone to my island and now I am leading the Wild Things. We are making a ruckus, we are gnashing our terrible teeth, roaring our terrible roars. I know that my time will come to come home, wherever that may be...join those I love...

I am Max.


  1. Love this connection - and LOVE Max! We all need to acknowledge that "wild thing" in ourselves and give ourselves the chance to gnash our terrible teeth from time to time... Hope it all works out!

  2. We can connect with picture books so easily and deeply as adults; wish more would do so! Thanks for sharing your connection with us! Wishing you a hot meal and a comfy bed upon your return from your "island".

  3. Hahaha! I think we all have our "Max" moments or "Max" is how we define our lives. The important thing is that Max comes home and those that love him take care of him and he feels safe again. I wish the same for you.

  4. Can I come on the island Max?

  5. Can I come on the island Max?


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