Settling In...ready to be free

My son had major spinal surgery...another step in the life of a child with a child with complex medical needs. We spent eight days at the hospital and, amazingly, he is healing well. There were no major hiccups, no issues, it was an essentially smooth surgery. This is a first for us...Usually if it can go wrong, it does. I was fully prepared. It went fairly well...small bumps.

I haven't blogged...I have slept. Sometimes I feel like my life is so exhausting that I can't get enough sleep. I am tired of being tired. Exhausted from being exhausted. Waiting for something to fall into be easy.

Work is becoming a place where I can't find clarity or focus. I am trying to free my world from clutter, both in the sense of people and things. I am ready for freedom and space...I am ready for the feelings of openness.

The last few weeks has been an amazing feel of lightness...even with all of the things happening, the surgery, the stress of recovery...I have felt light. I want to stay in this space...I am truly ready..ready for a change, ready for what is coming...I am on this walk, this journey...
whatever it brings...I am ready, finally ready.


  1. Your journey to lightness has begun. ♡ Im so excited for you!!


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