From Crooked to Straight...

It has been a long week...the cutest boy had spinal fusion surgery on Monday and we are hanging out in the PICU. It is a little like being in a fishbowl. I was walking down the hall on the 9th floor the other day when looking down out the window and noticed some cute stuff below...wait...that's MY cute stuff! Great...apparently I am the display for people above..Oh well!

Life has never been a straight road with the cutest. There have always been curves, jaunts, sometimes even complete hairpins. Thinking we're going one way only to find that our life has been flipped over and we are actually going another. It is a life that keeps one on their feet. "Never get too comfortable," is our mantra. So many times we have begun to settle in, just to be reminded that our boy is actually as medically fragile as we thought...we forget sometimes...this is just our is as it is.

I have had a lot of time to think these last few days...contemplating what my next life move might be. I have done a little art (Monday), have books to read (which haven't been opened), gotten texts from students complaining about whatever they are complaining about, and watched some TV online. I have also thought about my future...our future. The cutest boy has gone from a crooked boy to a straight one. He will be able to sit straighter, breathe easier. Eventually he will feel strong enough to go brace-free and wear a regular t-shirt with nothing under it just like a "real" boy. Big steps in the life of my boy...

Now it's time for me to look too...what is it going to take for me to go from crooked to straight? This is the question that I contemplate. For me, no surgery is required, but what is required is deep thinking...pros vs cons...visions and directions.

Crooked to straight...I am ready to feel the air go into my lungs again...fresh, pure, invigorating.


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