Finding myself...

When do I feel most like myself? This is an interesting question. There are so many facets to my life...teacher, mother, wife, friend. Sometimes I think that I am many people, rolled into one.

Who am I? When am I at my best, most confident, most comfortable? When I am teaching I feel good. My interactions with the students usually positive. I feel like I am making a difference, learning, teaching, creating.

As a mother, I am all over the map. I know I do a decent job..I love my children...each other them whether I birthed them or not. I have tried to show them that hard work pays off, love your job, love your family, and stay loyal to those who love you. I hope that I have done my job...I never want them to doubt that I am with them, love them...

As a wife...oh my. I am sure my husband wishes that he had a cooking and cleaning wife, but bummer, her took me...the opinionated but fiercely loyal wife!

As a friend, I believe that I am loyal and try to be a good friend. I desire a relationship where I can have deep conversations, vent when necessary, and listen when needed. I have few good friends, ones I know I can count on..that is okay with me...

So...when do I feel most like myself? I guess it depends on which me you want to know...teacher, mother, wife, friend...just some of the sides of me.


  1. Being multifaceted keeps you interesting to your students, children, and husband and it just how a math teacher should be:)

  2. There are many aspects to your life; however, they sure seem to fit together! You certainly are a people oriented person!

  3. I really like how to decribed this. It is a coincidence I just posted an I am poem, then I discovered your slice. I am feeling this way too. I like how you wrote this with repeating, As a ... I think sometimes we focus on what we are for others, sometimes we need to just see who we are for ourselves.


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