What you see...

"When you do what you want, not what you wish," said the first raven. "When you no longer seek your reflection in others eyes," said the second. "When you see yourselves face to face," said the third. "Then," they said in unison, "You will have found what you truly seek."
~ In a Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz

It seems in life that we are often caught in a trap through others eyes rather than looking within...finding what we seek is a challenge. Too often we are influenced by other's around us desiring to be looked upon favorably rather than looking within, finding what it is that we seek or desire.

Finding our own vision of voice is crucial to long term success, and often long term happiness. When we are judging our own success through the eyes and visions of others, we will never be satisfied, desiring others inputs to move forward.

To find our own success, we must forge ahead, focus and motivating not only yourself to move outside of the box, but also encouraging others to do the same...

It's about what you do...where you want to be...be a part of your own future...give yourself freedom, permission to do more...be more.

Life is about following the path, choosing the turns that you are hoping to take. There won't be clues, no one will help you along the way, there is no manual.

Don't get caught looking at yourself through others eyes...look at yourself...really look, be happy with what you see...only then will you find whatever it is that you seek.


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