Snow Day...

Why is it that we are all thrilled with the idea of a Snow Day? Snow Days represent something deep from our childhood...a day away from school, playing with chocolate with marshmallows, cookies, the fire. They're spectacular. As an adult, snow days bring us home where we can truly relax and contemplate.

On Thursday we were sent home early from school due to inclement weather. There was a storm coming that was going to pummel Portland with multiple inches of snow. For those not from this are, our level of concern around snow is far different than those from the midwest or east, but we don't get snow here very often. Friday was declared a snow day as well. It was a day to reflect and contemplate the journey I am on.

I didn't get out of bed...I watched "trash TV," I doodled in my journal, working on the title page. I looked at the project that I am to work on for my class through The Brave Girls Club. I am struggling with the's making me look within my heart and remember times that were painful, times that reflect things I don't want in my life.

I am playing it safe...I am working on my journal...I am working on loving some more...loving myself, loving my art, loving what is in front of me. The Snow Day allowed me to keep my work in the bag and focus on what felt right, for me.

I love Snow Days...I know that I am a teacher and should be sad, but the reality is, as a teacher, I don't have that many times where my time is unfilled..where my plan has to be completely erased without rules. I spent twelve hours completely just taking care of me...I was grateful that my husband was comfortable with this plan, since he was taking care of himself too, barely getting off the couch.

Snow Days...they can be literal or metaphoric...take time away to nourish your heart, your soul. We only have one shot at this life...we need to take some time to reflect and care for ourselves. This is can take your Snow Day now, or be frustrated when you are forced to take them later.

We cannot move forward in life without self-reflection...we need to keep our hearts free. Free hearts and open souls make for a deep and thoughtful being...For me...I am working toward this every day. It is my mantra...and a Snow Day (or two) are a welcome time to feel centered and focused. I can actually feel my soul healing just talking about it! <3


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