More than a set of rings...

The Olympics are coming...(Sounds a bit like the British are coming!!) and I am excited! Every two years, we gather around to watch representatives from every country show what they've got in their chosen sport. I love the Olympics, the rings, the spirit, the competition.

The Olympics are a special time...a time when countries unite, toward friendly (or not so friendly) competition where the best person (on that day) wins a fabulous prize...a gold medal! This medal gives them bragging rights throughout the world and, for some, it elevates them to the level of royalty within their society.

Watching the Olympics means that we see those who are struggling as well as those who are at the top. Each is having the opportunity to valiantly represent their country on this world stage.

I love the allows me to cheer for places and people I don't know about, relish in the power of representing one's country, enjoy the awesomeness of their event for the day.

The rings represent peace, love, and an infinite power of work and pride in country...My watching represents the power of those wound the world loving and supporting those
who really deserve it!


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