Coffee, migraines, and Mondays...

Today was the beginning of the second semester for my 8th graders. They were given a talk, told how important this semester is for their future, given a pep talk to encourage their focus and motivation. I have given this talk over and over, or at least some form of it. Some of the students will listen and work hard...others will be unaffected and continue with their behavior.

It is sometimes frustrating to teach 8th grade...after all, as an adult, I know how important it is to find positive behavior patterns, how crucial it is to get their life together now. As a teenager, I imagine that they are rolling their inner eyes at me, assured that I do not know better.

It is time...we are all on our own journeys. Some of my students struggle and it is my job to reassure...some of them are confident in their knowledge, yet do nothing to assure of their knowledge, finally some of them struggle and the remainder of the year will be building them mathematical problem at a time.

I continue my after day, building my students up, building their confidence and getting them ready. I am ready...I'm not sure that they are, but I am hoping. Hoping for some miracle to occur and we find common ground. This ground will be where confidence and comfort unite.

Building our habits are crucial...working daily toward these goals can be challenging but immensely rewarding. I am ready.


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