I am beginning to see that I am at a crossroads. I have been looking at the signs along my journey, wondering what it is they are trying to tell me. Each one I pass, I read in depth, looking at the front and back, wondering if this is the place where I am to choose? I have yet to find the place that gives me true clarity, but what I am clear about is that I am not there yet...

Sometimes in life, clues are dropped along one's way...we just have to be aware and open minded to see them. The last eighteen months has been about this journey, so much that when the Brave Girls Club put out a class called "The Walk," I knew I had to join. The Walk describes my journey to a T.

Walking with the Brave Girls has been incredible. A group of women, that I only know with my heart, are building a community where they freely share their victories as well as feelings of defeat. Making maps of our lives can bring out painful memories, causing emotional scars to be revealed. These maps can also bring us to a place of comfort and peace, surrounding oneself with others who are willing to stand beside you, holding your hand, telling you the things you need to hear, "You are are are cared for." The comforting whispers of those who surround you, guiding you down a path where self-reflection can lead to self-affirmation.

This is where my journey is taking heart has been broken, I have wavered from the path...I am seeking the signs to help me know the way. I am recognizing (however slowly)  that the roadblocks, may actually be gates that I need to pass through in order to gain further clarity on the path or paths that I may be pursuing. One never knows when it is time to deeply examine their life, their path. It seems that my time is time is now.

It's time to get clarity...time to find my path....time to find my purpose and, best of all, I think I am ready.


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