Being Brave...

BRAVE: [breyv]
1. possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance
2. a warrior

Being Brave is hard...each of us walking different journeys, taking different paths. So much of life is spent looking at others, making comparisons about them and the path they are taking...are we in better shape? worse? is our life more difficult? should we even complain? Instead of being with our own journey, we focus on others and compare as a way to justify whatever lies we continue to telling ourselves.

Life is not about comparing ourselves to others...Life is about walking our own journey and supporting others on theirs. It's not about  better or worse. 

Each of us has had our own experiences...we lived them...does it really matter what level of "bad" they are to justify our feelings about them? Surviving bad circumstances makes you a made it and you now have experiences that can make you more empathetic towards others. You are now endowed as one to support others on their journeys, not judge their journeys.

Being brave is hard...for you it might be asking for help, showing your art, opening yourself so others can see the "real" you, even when it's scary, and taking risks.

Being brave means stepping forward, showing yourself...flaws and all.

Being brave means you are a who is fighting for the cause...the cause of YOU!!

Don't be defeated by the world...don't listen to the haters...don't let others take the wind out of your sails saying "that wasn't hard...hear this..." willing to have the winds at your face. Plant your feet and throw your beautiful warrior arms up, willing to fight the elements both physical and emotional. Don't listen when others say you're weak, not man enough, not a real woman, that you've been tarnished, broken, wasted.


You are beautiful, wonderful, powerful, knowledgeable, wonderful, wondrous, amazing, glorious. You are strong, wise, perfect.

You are BRAVE..the warrior in you is ready, now is your time. Be...


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