Sick of being sick

Today's Thoughts: Well, here I am, in bed, still sick. This cough is killing me (well, not literally, but I have the flair for being the dramatic when I am not feeling well) and mostly I just want to curl up and sleep (which I did do for awhile today). I am sick of being sick. It has been going on for well over a week. I shouldn't complain since my son (the oldest of the youngest) has been sick for almost three weeks. I believe that he had the flu...fever, cough, the whole package. I feel lucky (I guess I could call it that) that I only have a cough, even if it means it has been over a week. I took today off work and plan to take tomorrow off as well. I need to shake this.

Today's Gratitude: As I am searching on my journey, one of the areas I am seeking clarification is in my professional life. I have been given the opportunity to attend a conference in San Diego put on by that National Association of Bilingual Education. I have been doing a lot of work with many of the Newcomers to our school and am very committed to working with others to come up with a plan to help these students transition more effectively into regular education classes while still acquiring both English and academic content. I am excited to be given this opportunity and grateful for an area to (potentially) put my skills and knowledge to improve the education experience for all students. I am grateful for these new opportunities and for the ability to create a new path for myself. This year is starting out going in a direction I am happy with...well, except for the sick part, of course!


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