Practicing Mindfulness...

Today's Thoughts...I have recently began reading books on mindfulness and the quieting of the mind and spirit. This has been a year long journey so far...books about the Buddha...research on relationships...human and animal, have given me a vast amount of knowledge and yet, I am still searching. Over winter break I purchased the book "Planting Seeds; Practicing Mindfulness with Children." Although I have just begun, I am committed to infusing the practice of mindfulness into my teaching. Many students do have have the opportunity to practice mindfulness...their world is rapid fire, coming at them almost faster than they can process. Slowing down, breathing is needed. I want to help my students find their center...slow I think I have found my new focus.

Today's Gratitude...Today I am grateful for many things. I am grateful for my co-workers, I am grateful for the students who are working hard to understand the math I am teaching, the students who are trying their best to grow and understand. I am grateful for my teaching partner who helped me navigate through a computer program that I, through my exhausted stupor last night, was unable to navigate. I am grateful for the co-worker that came by my room to chat at the end of the day just because and for the students who came to my room after school, making me feel appreciated. I am slowly learning to love my life again and finding things to be grateful for daily has turned my attitude around. Hope has re-entered my life, my spirit is lifting.


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