Today's Thoughts: I have a student teacher this year who also happens to be my friend. It is a win-win situation, I feel. I get the opportunity to work with someone I like and get the opportunity to mentor a friend. This is where I find my groove. I love working with others. I look at my years of experience and feel that I have something to offer. I think that this is why I get so frustrated in the education system the way that it is set does not make it easy to collaborate, meaning that many feel that they are teaching in isolation. Some may think this to be ideal, but I believe that to be truly effective, a great team of teachers collaborates, not only connecting the curriculum content areas, but also surrounding the students with knowledge. When I think of the place I want to move to in my career, I think of mentoring...mentoring students, mentoring those who want to be teachers. In some way, I feel like having a student teacher is a way to impact others...whether I am good at it or not, it allows me to share my ideas and experiences with others.

Today's Gratitude: Today I am grateful for the opportunity to work with my friend and help her to grow in her teaching skills, her confidence, and ability to work with students. I am grateful for the chance to grow in my own skills and perspective. The chance to increase my own skills within my teaching practice and the opportunity to examine the decisions I make regarding students and their learning is amazing. This opportunity to collaborate comes at a time that is especially needed to refresh my own teaching soul.


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