I have a Dream...

On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr delivered his "I have a dream" speech in Washington, DC. This speech changed the course of our world. I'd like to believe that Dr. King's wishes had come true, but the reality is we still have work to do. Children are still judged by the color of their skin, people with disabilities receive less, women are not treated equally...there is much work to do. MLK had a dream where our world we be more open...there would be equal opportunities for all, but we aren't quite there. We have made vast progress in the last fifty years, but there is more progress to be done.

Whenever I hear the speech, I get the chills. It must have been a powerful experience that sent chills all the way to their bones. The call to improve our world, equality for all, must have been earth shattering...equality regardless of race, gender, was an idea so revolutionary that people must have been shaken to the core.

I, too, have a dream...a dream where my son, the Cutest Boy, is given the same opportunities as those around him. That he is given the opportunity to show his strengths rather than be viewed by his limitations. I have a dream that he will have the opportunity to live alone and that he will live a long and productive life.

I have a dream that social justice for all is a reality.

Today's Gratitude: Today I am grateful for time. Although I didn't work in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, the extra day gave me an opportunity to sleep. Two people came over (one for tutoring, the other, my student teacher) to do work. I had the luxury of being able to ficus on that, so I can move forward...forward to create my own dreams, create dreams for my children, my students. Today's time allowed me to get things complete, rest and relax...a luxury not often given! I have faith that our world will continue to move forward...someday, MLK's dream will be true!


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