Burnout or Boredom?

Today's Thoughts: There has been much conversation recently regarding the idea of burnout versus boredom. As a teacher, this is one conversation that pops up over and over again. Using the analogy of a campfire...boredom is when you are sitting near the fire, flickering aglow. You take your stick, rustle up the coals, drawing pictures in the dirt. The boredom encouraging continual drawing, a lack of eating occurring. Burnout? This is an entirely different thought.  A long stick used to shove your marshmallow deep into the fire waiting for the external skin to burst into flames. Twisting the stick, watching the fire caramelizing the marshmallow is burnout in a delicious and spectacular way.

I often wonder, when teaching, where the balance is between burnout and boredom. Sometimes this controversy is rooted with the teacher...other times rooted in the student. We walk a fine line, some days a large flame giving a large glowing light, warmth spreading. You might watch as the fire slowly gets larger, but really have no desire to  experience the sweet caramel sensation of the marshmallow.

Burnout is a risk within the teaching field. The desire to help children, expose them to a broader world, can often teach such new and exciting things that the chatter never predicted. The excitement of the chase is usually outdone by the fire and the flame.

Today's Gratitude: Today I had the opportunity to talk with my best girlfriend for almost an hour...this is unheard of. It was so wonderful to share and exchange that I found myself rambling just to stay on the phone. This connection is so crucial in building security for all involved that, although I knew that she was fine with my rambling, considering how to make deep connections is crucial. These deep connections is what brings our students in after school for help, which then sets them up for continued success beyond the classroom.


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