A Stretch for Gratitude...

Today's Thoughts: I realize that there will be days where I will have to stretch to find things that I am grateful for. Today was one of those days. I woke up and sent my sweet girl on the road home, then got ready to go to work, expecting the onslaught. Surprisingly the kids were pretty chill (well, except for that class) and I attempted something new in my Algebra class. All-in-all, they were pretty good, although chatty! I feel good about approaching my day looking for things to be grateful for, but today I was just tired and not feeling my best.

Today's Gratitude January 7, 2014: Today I am grateful that I have a job, a career that I (usually) love
and the opportunity to make a positive influence in young people's lives. Although the last eighteen months have been difficult, there are many wonderful people at my job and I am grateful to have a supportive group of friends.

I had the opportunity to clear the air with a co-worker today and it was incredibly empowering. Instead of harboring ill feelings, I spoke with them honestly and took ownership of my own perspectives and rackets that I have around the situation.

I am working hard to create positiveness and gratitude in my life, creating a life that I love, but in order to do that I must also take responsibility for my part in the life I am currently living.

I can say that I am excited and motivated to continue to create this amazing life.



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