A plague upon your house (with gratitude)

Today's Thoughts: What does it say when you are looking toward the good and then you get sick? There are many things...one could be a Debbie Downer and say, "See...things aren't really good..if they were, I wouldn't be sick" or "I am sick...how can I use this downtime to my advantage to rest and refresh?"

This is not a time to be waiting for a flock of locusts. This is a time to be looking at the sky, breathing in the air. I am coughing, my chest hurts...I am probably coming down with the flu. Tonight I ate an entire pint of ice cream..one week ago I would be ripping myself to shreds about the calories, fat...ok, I'll admit that I did take a gander at the caloric value, but then I turned the pint around and continued. I have made a commitment to not be obsessed with my weight, calories, fat. I need to learn to love myself, love my body, love my life...love in general.

I think I have been in a hate-hate relationship with my life for so long that feelings of unhappiness have been pervasive. It's time for some love-love relationship...today that love included Karamel Sutra ice cream!!

Today's Gratitude: January 3, 2014

Today has been one of those days...the cough that I thought might be coming on seemed to be settling in. Once I start coughing it feels like I am being stabbed in the chest...according to my son, this is exactly how he felt at the beginning of his sickness and, although he is feeling a bit better, he still has many of the same symptoms...

So, what is it that I am thankful for today? That would be my husband, David. Earlier I made a singular statement..."Soup and Ice Cream" to which he responded, "Is that what you'd like?"  Less than thirty minutes later, I had soup and ice cream. I mean, does it get any better? For all the times my husband makes me crazy...there are more times when he lovingly comes through with something as simple as soup and ice cream so today...I am grateful for small gestures of soup and ice cream...small gestures of love from the man I am married to. Tonight I go to sleep with a full belly, a sugar high, and a heart filled with love.

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  1. Shannon, great post, loving the sound of David and of the soup and ice cream combo and of 365 days of gratitude. Get well soon. Judith x


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