Mid-Life Crisis

Who determines whether or not you are having a mid-life crisis? Who determines whether or not it is your mid-life? Since we don't know when our "mid-life" is...couldn't any crisis potentially be a mid-life crisis?

I was driving along today, thinking about this whole idea. Maybe it is this place I am in...some might think morbid curiosity...but ultimately the idea of mid-life is one that is up for conversation.

I have been thinking about the idea of mid-life for awhile. My son is twelve and has a life-threatening disease...is it possible that he is at mid-life? What would parenting be like if we knew...I mean, really knew exactly when our mid-life was and those of our children, significant others, would things be different? Would we make different choices? Would we choose to be with different people?

Life can be precarious...we really don't know anything about anything and yet we have to make decisions, move forward, cross our fingers and hope.

Shouldn't every day be treated as if it was our mid-life? Each moment cherished?

Maybe if more people looked at their lives this way, they would see that each and every moment should be considered to be precious...each person to be cherished...that each and every time could be considered to be mid-life...or even more pressing...every moment should be considered potentially end life...motivation to move forward...taking every day as it comes.


  1. My sister-in-law died at age 38. For her, mid-life was 19. it's strange to think about. We assume we have all this time...when, we really don't know. I pray for a long life for your son.


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