The road from Pain to Joy

Sometimes in life there is pain. We have to go through this pain to find something better. When we are stuck there, that's when we have issues. Some people enjoy being stuck in the pain place...maybe enjoy isn't the right word, but they stay the place of pain. Yesterday I had a strange type of experience...I went to see my massage therapist who has been treating me for my injured hip.

This last week I have been having strange migraines, so I mentioned it to her. She went to work on my shoulder..I had no idea that it was even tense or sore. Needless to say, she unleashed something into my body that took me out of commission for more 24 hours.

Sometimes that's the way life is...a part of you is touched, a part you didn't even know was in pain and feelings overwhelm you. It's what you do next that is you live in that space? Do you go forward? Sometimes you have to reach deep, take your emotional ibuprofen and push forward...only then will you realize who you were meant to be. Through pain comes growth and through growth comes just have to it worth it?

For me...I am choosing the pain...I am choosing to move forward. I want to be my greatest self...this will hurt and I think it will be worth it. I will let you know, but for now...more ibuprofen please.


  1. Than you Shannon. This is a very painful and confusing time for me and I need to hear that there is an end and another side where things are better. I'm trying so hard not to lose hope. No one seems to understand how hard it is, so I feel like i'm stuggling all alone. You're words meant a lot to me. Thanks again. Eden


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