Smarter than you think...

Tonight was the second night of conferences. Although it was, at times, a bit crazy, overall things went well. I had beat myself up a bit about my total lack of preparation, but ultimately things went well. I had some wonderful opportunities to talk with parents about their child's skills, how I was going to push them to greater heights, how to give them opportunities to move to a higher level of achievement.  Students that I wasn't expecting came with their parents and we were able to have good discussions about the future an how this year is building a positive foundation. Most of all I was able to discuss with students that they are smarter than they think. Many of my students are afraid of success, worried about failure and paralyzed by the area in between. More than once, I heard a parent say, "I like this teacher," which built me up and allowed me to build them up as well. One step-mother cried as she said, "I just now realized that I am putting too much pressure on her...I need to figure out how to support her more. What can I do?" Families, sometimes broken by poverty, language barriers, or something unspoken, came with open minds and open hearts. Their spirits touched me and, although I am exhausted, I am feeling a renewed spirit. I am excited to move forward, to begin this second leg of the year. The time this week has been instrumental in centering my mind. I feel as if I am really on track on where I want to I want things to unfold.

I am finally finding the mental space to bring information to my students and I feel that my students are getting in the mental space to be there too! For these things I am grateful!


  1. You may want to use the analogy I used in my blog post today- it's not failure, it's a change... like your GPS recalculating- you still get there!


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