Connected by a thread

Sometimes when I write I am absorbed in things going on in my own life, while other times, I am also painfully aware of happenings in the lives of others. This can create a strange dichotomy in my writing...should I avoid topics? Gloss over others? Sometimes it's a struggle to know the right direction. We are all connected by a gossamer thread, floating in the wind. As one of us moves, another is pulled, heart strings lightly attached.

Each turn and twist, pulling at others, sometimes lightly, other times with force. Pain sometimes caused, other time inspiration. One never knows.

We are all connected and piece by piece we speak to one another. Our pain speaking to the pain of others...our journey paralleling theirs. Sometimes we don't know where we are, where we stand, who we impact...all we know is that we are here...and we are not alone because the threads that bind us together will always be there...connecting us


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