Soul Mates...

I have loved three men in my life...At some time in each of these relationships, there has been passionate that fit the times, love that was all encompassing.

I feel that I have been lucky. I have enjoyed the love of my youth, love that spoke deep to my soul, and a love that is comfortable and safe. The idea of a "soul mate" has often made me wonder...what does that truly mean...

Is a soul mate one who makes your heart sing with the laughter of youth? Is it one you cannot live without, each beat of your heart deep and shattering? Is is one who makes you feel warm, like sitting in front of a crackling fire? Each of these responses is true...I have loved in each of these ways. This makes me ponder the idea of having more than one soul mate.

I will not lie...only one man in my life has shook the ground I stand on...does that mean he was my soul mate? Is the "soul mate" requirement that the love involved be earth shattering or can love feel like a level of safety and comfort that makes one want to curl up? It is possible to have all these is has happened.

Love is a strange the moment you are experiencing the deepest, most revealing feelings. You are opening the depths of yourself, revealing deep secrets, looking with anticipation at this person you love...will they judge, do they see you? It can be scary and exhilarating at the same time.

New love is like being on "Soaring Over California," the wind flying through your hair, the smell of sunshine in the air...your senses are heightened, the feel of them near you sends your heart beating. The touch of their hand on yours warms your skin, their smile sending warmth to your heart. Lasting love over time ebbs and flows. Sometimes you like one another, sometimes you barely tolerate each other, but there is always love. It is a garden that is tended to by two.

You soul mate isn't necessarily just one person roaming the earth looking for you. It is someone who speaks to your heart and soul in a deep and powerful way, one whose presence makes your life richer, your feelings deeper. Your soul mate can be with you for a lifetime or just a passing moment. It could be one whose life weaves with your own, one who threads in and out of your life or just a powerful memory.

Finding your soul mate isn't a life will happen as it is meant to be. This, in itself, could be painful or powerful, but whatever it

Throughout your life more than one may appear...if so, consider yourself lucky. Love is a gift...deep and fully encompassing love one to be experienced, not passed up...this occur once in your life, or if you're lucky, more than once.

Dive in, roll in never know when it might be gone.


  1. Does this mean Paul Walker could really be my soul mate ?

    Love this post - and the idea behind it. I've loved 3 men also very deeply and have often thought about this soul mate business. I mean if I was meant to have just 1 soul mate then how did I fall in love 3 times right ?


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