No words...

I am a verbal processor...I talk sometimes when I shouldn't but there are times when there are no words to describe a situation.

How people react to heartache is very different...some draw close to others, some "hibernate." Difficult times bring out our deepest fears and concerns. When you have to say goodbye to someone you love, there are no words.

No amount of time will make the pain go away. The hole left in your heart will remain. The lines will blur and there will be times of aching, but then there will be others when the pain is almost unbearable.

Although we all know that we are only given one life, it seems unfair when a child is taken. Somehow we see that they weren't given their full shot, their chance to make their mark.

Ironically, these children are often the most powerful, halting a crown, prompting tears, warming heart.

Their tiny footprints walk across your heart, but, unfortunately, our mouths still have no words...


  1. All you can do is just stare into space...

    Even if you wanted to explain how you feel it would take way too long. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... what about a feeling?


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