The feeling of being connected is something that is often underestimated. This last few weeks have been a blur of both feeling and not feeling connected. For me, connection is a crucial piece of my sanity. As a child who struggled to make real connection with my mother, making deep and true connections with others has been difficult. When I think about my life, I often wonder if I have a swiss cheese brain, giant gaps where I don't remember events or people. This type of memory has made it difficult to maintain long and lasting relationships with others. I have had to learn to make connections with others and work hard to maintain them.

So, what happens when the chords of connection are broken? The tethers that hold one from floating away are severed. There are many areas of my life where deep connections occur; family, friends, and within my MTM family. Each of these areas bring a deep richness and a sense of belonging. When one area is murky, others provide clarity.

This is a time of tolerance and waiting for doors to open. Being patient where connections have been lost, looking to link to areas of the past. Where one door of connection is lost, others open.

Remember that everyone and everything is connected. Cherish the moments that were spent together. Acknowledge that connections are vital and mourn the connections that are lost. Each and every day becomes about being connected.


  1. It is very true that real connections are something to cherish and foster.I'm a bit socially anxious and my friendships as an adult have suffered for it..but the friends that I do have I make sure to know how much they mean to me. :)


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