Appreciating what happened...

Events happen in your life...this we have no control over. What we do control is our response to these events...we can either hide or appreciate what has happened.

I find myself thoughtful about life. I guess that as time passes, it is easy to get reflective. Knowing that we actually have no control over events in our lives, is a humbling thing for control freaks like me. One begins to wonder...what should our responses be.

Finding the space to appreciate what has happened rather than mourn that something is over is a difficult thing. After all, we are is sometimes difficult to see the rainbow through the clouds.

So celebrate, appreciate, is better to have been part of the experience than to not have had it at all...


  1. wow...there is no way i could explain how this touched me tonight....going thru a divorce after 20 years and 5 kids...well I just always feel so lost and sad....and I should be happy I had something that great for the time it lasted and learn to appreciate how my life could be changing....

  2. Life is kinda scary when you really sit down and think about it. You don't know what each day holds for you so it's best to appreciate what you have each day =) A few of my posts for the challenge have touched on this subject.

    Stopping by from the UBC FB Page.


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