Who you travel with...

Yesterday was one of those kinds of days and by one of those days, I mean a weird one. Don't get me wrong...I love my classes, I love my students, I love my schedule...what I don't love is that I don't get to really spend time with my peeps. I didn't realize until the other afternoon how important these people are here...

I am now creating my schedule to spend time with those I really care about...It's for my own sanity...sometimes it's the small things! It's about being with those who lift your spirits, who let you blabber on about something exciting or hug you because you are sad. It is about finding those who walk a similar path and joining onto a path together. It's about those you travel with.

This week has been one of lessons, one of side swipes, profound relief and happiness, and profound sadness as well. It has been one where watching another's loss is almost unbearable and looking at others with new eyes breaks your heart. Students that are experiencing losses far too big for them to bear and co-workers watching as uncontrollable things happen.

The new, the old, the unbelievable, the joyous all collide together into a mash of something-ness that cannot even be described. This is life, my life, right now. So, as I look around and see what's there, I look to those who have been in my boat, those who have held me up in the darkest of times. This is the place where I want to be, in my land of comfort, warmth.

As I look forward to a better day tomorrow, I am reminded of how I need to begin my schedule, make clock partners in the areas of my life. Who do I need to meet with to do my best work, at work, and in my life? After all, it's not really about where you are going, but rather who you are traveling with...something that I had sorely forgotten, but am now committed to remember!


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