What you allow...

This has been quite the week...although school with the kids has been good, there has been some other drama that has been a bit rough to absorb. It is interesting when you have to do self-reflection about how you see the world. It is a difficult time for one when your world is shaken to its core, when what you thought, isn't.

So, that brings us to a new space. What now? What will be the new sense of grounding?

Building a foundation in one's life can be long and laborious...a journey of many years, but when one's belief about the way one's world is skewed, it shakes the foundation that has been built over the course of the years.

So, here we go...it is time to examine what the foundation should be. Building a life that has peace, being in control of what you want to be, not letting the unexpected things throw you for a loop.

It's time to decide what you will allow...because that's it...what you will allow, will continue. And that's a pretty great place to start!


  1. Way profound. I know this intellectually but at times it's been hard to put into practice. Thanks for spurring thought this morning.


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