Today was one of those days when I had a flashback to the cutest boy's early life. My husband brought him up to lay next to me on the bed. We snuggled, kissed, snuggled more, kissed more. Then, the sweetest thing happened...he fell asleep. Having him next to me felt so right and brought up so many memories of when he was younger.

Sometimes there are reminders that our cutest boy is not like other boys. I mean, I know he is not the same...he is on a vent, has a feeding tube, but it is the little things that are reminders...things like snuggling together on a cool Saturday...

I got a message from a woman that we had met in the NICU...they have moved forward from that scary time. Sometimes, I feel like we have stopped...or at least slowed down!

Memories are a funny thing...long compressed and hidden, surprised when they appear. A glimmer of our pat yet an exciting hint into your future.


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