Making Progress...

So the year has officially started. This means that although things are good, I am totally and completely exhausted...Each day I have come home, after a wonderful day, and fallen asleep while doing's the beginning of the year.

I look at my students and recognize that for some, this is a year in the balance...which direction will they go. We are starting the year different...building community, building a place that it is safe for students to listen, learn, make mistakes. It is an interesting way to begin, consciously constructing a place where they can be amazing.

It could be a process that is slow, but I will be working with them constantly that giving up is not an option...Everyone does everything...there is No Opting Out of class and the activities involved. This is a full participation classroom. It's about making progress even if it is slow and steady. One step at a time, one question at a time, one answer at a time.

This is a year of hard work, a year of learning to trust others and oneself, a year of asking questions, a year of making connections...This is a year of making progress, big or small, a year for students to find themselves, and a little, it's a yer about finding me too!


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