FInding one's center...

One of the most important things that I have learned, and most likely need to continue to learn, is the importance of finding one's center. When this blog began, I was hoping that it would give me a stillness of mind. Giving me a place to spill out my thoughts that make my mind race well into the night is something that is beyond needed. You never want to admit that you are some kind of crazy, but I am pretty sure that I am some kind of crazy. Sometimes my world seems to just be on the edge of spinning out of control, which can be pretty unnerving for someone who has a deep desire to be in control.

I am trying to re-find my was inextricably lost over the last year. A year that crept up in the dark of the winter and led to crushing personal results. Although healing has begun, getting so far from the center threatened my ability to see when things are off kilter.

How does one re-find their center once it has been clouded and difficult to see? This is the path that I am now on. I can't let all things go their course without looking from the center first. It may be a difficult goal, but one I am striving to work on and, hopefully, achieve.


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