Fight in the dog...

Tonight I am fighting again. Fighting for my son's rights and our rights to have him cared for at home. This feels like it has been a twelve year fight and it never seems to get old. Our current insurance, Moda, has recently paid $40 million to have our local basketball stadium after them. Ugh.

They want to increase their brand name, improve PR, and this is the method that they have used, renaming a stadium. Really??? What about funding healthcare for those who cannot afford it, funding health clinics, remodeling Boy's and Girl's Clubs to make them not only a place to exercise, but a place where kids can learn about health and wellness..

So much could be done for our community, for my students, for their families...medical care, youth "care through clubs, food baskets" never ends.

Having one big team versus the other is helpful!! Here's to continuing to fight the good fight and being grateful for all we have!


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