Fight for a life...

Tonight my heart is many are sick, fighting. Having a child with a life threatening disease and being in contact with others often puts one in emotional peril. My heart is connected with other mothers, fathers, children, who are fighting for survival.

Sometimes the burden is so heavy, my heart feels as if it will be crushed. Sometimes when you hear of things from a distance, you are able to keep a perspective, but these children and their families are burrowed into my heart...I have held their sweet hands, kissed their sweet faces, and professed my love for them.

Each of these children, sweet, special boys, smiles and laughs and warms my heart with every move. Their parents are my family, ones who know the journey that we all walk, sometimes together, sometimes apart. 

Tonight my heart is heavy...cold and flu season has yet to begin...there are no words to describe the worry that it is in my heart...

Tonight I am wishing for the ocean of healing to lap over the fighting bodies of these warriors. Tonight I am asking for miracles of healing since each of these boys is a miracle of doesn't seem that much to ask!


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