Tomorrow is the beginning of my twenty-first year of teaching. It is strange because I remember the first day of teaching like it was yesterday and yet, it was a lifetime ago. My daughter was eighteen months old and I was fresh from college, ready to take on the world. I was naive, wide eyed and idealistic. In many ways, nothing has changed. I am still wide-eyed and idealistic, strongly holding the belief that we can make a strong impact on students' lives...that we have the ability to support and encourage their dreams, help them to make those dreams come them into their universe giving them wings.

Each of these students are champions in my heart. They work hard, crafting their vision. Their will to succeed may reach beyond what anyone they know has previously completed, their desires pushing them to greater heights. All that's required is an avenue, someone to lead them along the way, someone to open the doors and show the light that is ready to flow in.

Their will to succeed must exceed their skill...for without will, skill is nothing.

Champions...each and every one of my students has the potential...each one just needing someone to direct them to the right path. I want to be a part of this...I want to make a difference. I never want to lost my wide-eyed enthusiasm, just may be doing it with a few more wrinkles on my face.


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